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Body Tales®, a somatic practice developed over the past 30 years, interweaves improvisational movement and personal story for creative expression, communication and healing. Body Tales combines elements of dance, movement, theater, therapy and expressive arts.

Body Tales provides avenues for coming home to your body and your senses. Using movement, sound and language, participants explore and share personal and cultural stories. The stories that emerge represent a full spectrum of experience: they can be tender or hilarious, inspiring or illuminating.

"I took risks. I felt satisfaction. I was deeply moved by the power and safety of Body Tales. It suits those of us who have come home to the body, or want to."
— Malama Kae Neil, body worker, writer/poet

One participant might express the delight of working in her garden; another might share about the death of his parent; others could be contacting body resources for gaining courage, mobility, or a better sense of belonging.

In this way, people grapple with challenges — and celebrate, grieve, learn, remember, envision. Through this process we transform personal experience into community wisdom, re-sanctifying relationship with body and earth.

"Body Tales opens up a wealth of resources. We humans have a tremendous need to share our artistry, our values, our depth of love and caring. There is something about being seen, heard and appreciated — in community — that is tremendously affirming. My joy in this work is tapping into the miracle of the body — making way for our fierce and tender stories; our touchstones, our wisdom."
— Olivia Corson, Body Tales founder
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People come to Body Tales to:

  • Experience moving, sounding and speaking — with safety and sanctity
  • Practice vital skills for self-care and stress management
  • Develop expressiveness and artistry
  • Be part of a respectful creative community
  • Receive support for addressing personal hopes and needs
  • Gain authenticity and authority
  • Cultivate healthy body awareness and body image
  • Discover somatic resources for navigating and healing from injury, loss, illness, trauma, day-to-day wear and tear
  • Cultivate helpful and appropriate intimacy and receptivity
  • Protect focused time for spontaneity, inner life and soul repair
  • Reclaim the body as central in spiritual and meditative practices

"Body Tales helps me maintain balance in my life. This work has boosted my confidence and self-esteem."
— Jennifer McCandless, Pilates studio owner/instructor

Elements of Body Tales