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Certified Teachers

Our certified instructors have years of Body Tales experience. Each began as a participant in classes and retreats, later joined our in-depth teacher training, and then completed an individualized certification program. Each brings a wealth of related experience and training in the healing and performing arts. Their diverse expertise and life experience make them unique and outstanding teachers.

Lucy Beazley Body Tales Group in Oakland.
Contact Lucy: 510-435-6182   








Morganne Maher is an activist, educator, artist and performer. She uses art, storytelling, performing and teaching to inspire people about the connection between humans and spirit, and humanity and the earth. She is currently an urban farmer, helping people grow food using sustainable techniques; is a marine mammal protector; has taught art, doll making and gardening in schools and community centers. All this interweaves with her years of dance and movement training and experience and fuels her Body Tales teaching. She has been devoted to Body Tales as a personal and community pathway to story and healing since 2000. Robin lives in East Palo Alto, California, and offers Body Tales classes, performances and workshops in San Francisco and on the Peninsula.

Contact Morganne: 650-316-0899.  
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Jenny Miner Jenny Miner is a lifelong mover, educator by trade, and artist-healer. She grew up in Berkeley but discovered somatic and movement arts in a small city in northeastern Brazil. She offers workshops, leads groups, and performs in the Bay Area and Brazil, sometimes weaving this work into unexpected places! Her ongoing studies and participation in community political theater, intercultural communication, and capoeira angola also inform her work. With Body Tales, she is committed to creating secure containers for folks to relate to their own bodies, each other, and the larger Earth.

Contact Jenny EMAIL

Leonore Tjia (“Chee-ah”) is an artist-healer and feminist sexuality educator whose work lies at the intersection of soul, myth, eros and intimacy. Through her private practice and Rewild Your Heart retreats, she helps people transform their emotional and sexual patterns and re-awaken their innate erotic intelligence. Her Body Tales workshops offer a dedicated space for exploring wide ranging material, with a positive focus on eros, sexuality and intimacy, healing, witnessing, and strengthening access with the inner wildness that helps us feel erotically alive.

Contact Leonore EMAIL WEBSITE

Rosemary Quinn fell in love with Body Tales in the 1980s, and it has held a central place in her life ever since. She is deeply grateful to Olivia Corson for this reliable process for connecting with self and other, and creating public intimacy through personal ritual theater. Rosemary has offered Body Tales groups, workshops and performances in Chico, California, since the late 1990s. She holds an Honors degree in History from UC Davis and received an Arts Grant from the City of Chico for her original play, A HEART GREATER THAN FEAR, relating the story of woman suffrage. She is also a skilled practitioner of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).
Please call for more information about upcoming classes, workshops and performances: 530-966-5994.

Robyn Lynn, Wisdom Bones My passion lies at the heart of embodiment and mysticism, the places where vast awareness meets ordinary human life. In the journey of remembering and re-experiencing the fundamental innocence and belonging that is the birthright of each one of us, right in the midst of our everyday lives, I've been profoundly touched by the Body Tales practice. Breath, sound, movement, and expression are essential tools for re-igniting a a deeply-felt sense of coherence, weaving lines of rich connection and mutual support enacted by a community in real time. It is an honor to study and practie Body Tales. Carrying on that torch, Wisdom Bones is the name I use for my particular expression of the Body Tales practice and work.

"Body Tales provides an opportunity to explore one's self fully — beyond restrictions. This is a loving community of creative, healing beings."
— Kristi Jacobson, school psychologist

Martha Scheer found her way to Body Tales as part of her personal healing journey many years ago. It has become an integral part of her life. She is passionate about sharing Body Tales with others who are working on their own healing paths. In addition to leading Body Tales, she also has studied and taught Chi Gong, Tai Chi and Yoga. Over the years she has found the value of taking these practices out into nature. After spending many years in the San Francisco Bay Area, she has recently relocated to East Central Iowa. In this new location, she is excited to begin offering classes, workshops and private sessions.

Contact Martha EMAIL Phone/text: 925-330-1773

Body Tales Inspired Classes

The following women all have extensive Body Tales experience with Olivia and/or Lysa. They offer related work based on, or informed by, Body Tales, integrating BT language, structures and wisdom with their own work and with other complementary modalities. Contact them for info on their classes!

Bruria Wiener-Dow, Jerusalem, Israel

Devi Peri, Earth & Body Wellness, Santa Cruz, CA

Bobbi Ausubel, Speaker & Teacher, Walnut Creek, CA